The Nativity of the Lord

12-25-2022Pastor's CornerVery Rev. Robert J. Deehan, VF

I hope you enjoy the gift book we’re passing out this Christmas, Holy Moments by Matthew Kelly. The book will help you explore your soul-potential and inspire you to collaborate with God in every-day life.


Fourth Sunday of Advent

12-18-2022Pastor's CornerVery Rev. Robert J. Deehan, VF

During this season, we’ll probably hear more than once the familiar song: “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” But, for some among us, it’s really not. If anything, they might say just the opposite. That’s because this time of year is very difficult for them. There are a number of circumstances which can make it so.


Third Sunday of Advent

12-11-2022Pastor's CornerVery Rev. Robert J. Deehan, VF

Here is a beautiful poem about the significance of the Christmas greetings we exchange during this season.


2nd Sunday in Advent

12-04-2022Pastor's CornerVery Rev. Robert J. Deehan, VF

About 10 years ago, an article in the Boston Globe by Martha Irvine spoke about how some companies are urging employees to unplug for periods of time – no cellphone, no tablet, no laptop.


The Annunciation

11-27-2022Pastor's CornerVery Rev. Robert J. Deehan, VF

This painting is called The Annunciation by Henry Tanner and is on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It depicts Mary’s encounter with the Angel Gabriel when she was told that God had chosen her to be the mother of the Promised Messiah – Jesus.


34th Sunday in Ordinary Time

11-20-2022Pastor's CornerVery Rev. Robert J. Deehan, VF

Thanksgiving is a time we "count our blessings" and offer due thanks to God for them. One perspective on a fitting response to God's greatest gift to us - our life, is provided by Swiss theologian and Catholic priest, Hans Urs Von Balthasar (1905 - 1988), who is considered one of the most important Roman Catholic theologians of the 20th century. He wrote, "What you are is God's gift to you. What you become is your gift to God."


33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

11-13-2022Pastor's CornerVery Rev. Robert J. Deehan, VF

Are you surprised that our Catholic Bishops have something to say about topical social issues, some of which are matters promoted by Democrats and others promoted by Republicans? The Church does not align with a particular political candidate or party, but it can speak about social issues that impact the welfare of our society.


Dynamic Catholic Suggests How to Create a Holy Moment

11-06-2022Pastor's CornerVery Rev. Robert J. Deehan, VF

1. Order a meal delivery for a neighbor or friend who is having a hard time.

2. Buy coffee or a drink for the person in line behind you at a drive-thru.

3. Smile at everyone you encounter for a day. (with your eyes)

4. Donate your time, treasures or talents to a local charity.



10-30-2022Pastor's CornerVery Rev. Robert J. Deehan, VF

I came across a poem some time ago that I thought I'd share with you. The author is unknown. It compares our relationship with Christ to two people traveling on a tandem bicycle.


A Letter from our Pastor

10-23-2022Pastor's CornerVery Rev. Robert J. Deehan, VF

Occasionally, we get inquiries about what is appropriate for a funeral in the Catholic Church. As many Catholics want to have something religious for their loved one, but are not aware of what is prescribed, I offer some guidance that I hope will be helpful. Please share this information freely as needed.


A Letter from our Pastor

10-16-2022Pastor's CornerVery Rev. Robert J. Deehan, VF

Bethanne Hennessey, sister-in-law of Fr. Joe Hennessey, is in need of a living kidney donor. As you may know, when Fr. Joe was at Our Lady of the Assumption Parish in Green Harbor a few years ago, he would help us out here at Holy Family by celebrating weekly – a daily Mass, and would assist periodically with confessions and an occasional Sunday Mass. His sister and brother-in-law, Sally and John Burke, are parishioners. Fr. Joe contacted me recently asking if I would spread the word about his sister-in-law’s need of a new kidney.


Pastor's Corner

10-09-2022Pastor's CornerVery Rev. Robert J. Deehan, VF

The ministry of the Permanent Deacon is a wonderful and unique expression of God’s care for His Church. We are blessed presently to have two Permanent Deacons in our parish: Deacon Don Larose who was ordained in 2020 and Senior Deacon Art Keefe.


Immigration Challenges

10-02-2022Pastor's CornerVery Rev. Robert J. Deehan, VF

On September 16, Cardinal Seán offered the following statement regarding the immigration challenges our country faces, particularly on the occasion when Venezuelan refugees were recently transported from Florida to Massachusetts.