Christian Service / Community Outreach Ministries

"Angels in the Kitchen" - Emergency Meals

The primary objective of this ministry is to aid an individual or family of the parish community by preparing and delivering meals on a temporary basis during a time of special need.  The family or individual is in need due to health problems or a death in the family.  The duration of our assistance is as varied as the special needs.  Some meals are one or two meals only.  Other meals may be for several times a week over several weeks or months.

Our responsibility is to relieve the family of the burden of planning an ample well balanced meal.  Meals are delivered hot or with instructions on re-heating. If you are interested in volunteering, would like the assistance of this ministry or know someone that would like our help please contact Jane Speranzini at or 617-901-8625.

Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Team

The purpose of the team is to create a community of support within each parish or cluster for the prevention of child abuse and neglect.  The team is comprised of volunteer parishioners and/or staff members interested in heightening awareness of potentially unsafe situations for children and in teaching strategies for helping to keep our children safe.

Members on the team ensure that all parish staff and volunteers are fully trained in mandated reporting laws and the Protecting God's Children program (VIRTUS).  CAP training is offered once a year for new volunteers and staff members.  Contact Jeanne Cregan at or 781-934-5055 x114.

Eucharist Home Visits

Eucharistic Ministers who bring Communion and provide company to homebound parishioners. Contact Tina Bruce at or 781-837-5682.

Eucharist BID Hospital Visits

Eucharistic Ministers who bring communion to the sick at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Plymouth.  Contact Chaplain MaryAnn Sztaba at or 508-830-2626.

Eucharist Nursing Home Visits

Eucharistic Ministers who lead prayer and bring Communion to Catholics at the Bay Path Nursing Home.

Eucharist / The Village at Duxbury Visits

Eucharistic Ministers who bring Holy Communion, lead prayer and visit with residents at the Village.

Evangelization Committee

A group of parishioners who seek to imbue a spirit of evangelization in our parish and encourage outreach to those who have left the practice of their faith or are un-churched, and invite them to share in the treasures of our Catholic Faith.  Contact Jeanne Cregan at or 781-934-5055 x 114.

Faith Uniting Neighbors (FUN!)

Faith Uniting Neighbors (FUN!) is dedicated to building an even more vibrant community among the parishioners of Holy Family Church offering social, charitable and educational opportunities for individuals, couples and families throughout the year.  All members of the parish are welcome!  Upcoming events will be listed on the Facebook page: and in the parish bulletin.  Contact Erin Roberts at

Interfaith Council

A group of clergy and lay representatives from the different religious communities in Duxbury, which sponsors special interfaith celebrations on various occasions and addresses common needs in the community.  Contact Sheila Tenaglia at sheilatenaglia@gmail or 781-934-7225.

Knights of Columbus

A Catholic fraternal and charitable organization which offers many opportunities to serve the Church, the parish and beyond by promoting the faith and seeking to make a difference in the community.  Contact Jay Monahan.

Lazarus Committee

Lazarus is comprised of volunteer parishioners, who if requested, can provide light refreshments of sandwiches with salad or pastries with coffee and tea, immediately following a funeral. Refreshments are served in the Parish Center, based on availability, and can be requested through the Parish Office. Donations are gratefully accepted.  Contact Holy Family at 781-934-5055.

My Brother's Keeper (MBK)

Looking for donations of new or used furniture in excellent condition to provide to the needy.  Contact Jim Sullivan at 781-936-8904.

Prayer Line

Do you need prayers? A Prayer Ministry Phone Line is available here at Holy Family. To make a request, call our Prayer Confidential Phone Line 781-934-5055 ext. 133. Leave your name as the person requesting prayers (it can be only your first name); the person for whom the request is being made; and the specific reason for the prayer request. You may wish to leave a name and number if you would like someone to call back to acknowledge your request.

If you would like to join our Prayer Line volunteers, please email Ken McCarthy at

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Parishioners who make prayer shawls for the sick and elderly, and also provide baby blankets for infants baptized here at Holy Family.  Contact Anna Ducharme at 781-585-0626.

Prison Ministry

To draw from the time, talent, and faith of parish men and women to help the imprisoned change their lives through a better understanding of their Catholic religion.  Contact Paul Kasimatis at or 781-934-5890.

Respect Life

The mission of this group is to raise awareness of the sacredness of all human life through various activities, through education, and through prayer.  Fundraising events, such as selling silk Roses for Life on Mother's Day and parish "baby showers" support the Friends of the Unborn Home for unwed mothers.  The Respect Life group participates in the Walk for Life in Boston in October and the March for Life in Washington, DC in January.  They alert parishioners to upcoming life issues in order to contact our legislators as well as post notices regarding Project Rachel retreats and other life-affirming programs. Contact Ruth Hearson at 781-585-9855.

St. Vincent de Paul Society

Named after its founder St. Vincent de Paul, this society is part of an international Catholic organization of lay persons founded in 1833.  As a parish group, support is provided to the community financially, spiritually, and pastorally. Confidential help, be it food baskets, paying rent or utility bills, can be arranged. Please remember those in need.  Contact 781-361-3595.

Women's Club

Holy Family Women's Club is open to all women of the parish, and brings together women of all ages in both a spiritual and social way offering a variety of programs.  Membership is always open. The group meets on the second Thursday of each month from September to June.  Contact Lynn Walsh at