13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

06-30-2024Pastor's CornerFr. Bob Deehan

Summer has officially begun! School is out and vacation time is here. It’s been long awaited, not only by the younger members of our community but by those of us who’ve been around a bit longer, too. There’s a different schedule, a slower pace of life, time to have some fun with family and friends, and maybe opportunities to have some adventures traveling or just enjoying a favorite summer getaway.


The Best in People

06-23-2024Pastor's CornerFr. Bob Deehan

Do you look for the best in people? Sometimes, that’s hard to do. Jesus saw the best in people – even sinners who did terrible things. In a time when people are quick to “write off” others they don’t like or approve of, we Christians are called to “march to the beat of a different drummer” – Jesus. Here’s a reflection about a Jesuit priest who sees that there is good in violent gang members. It comes from Christopher New Notes #661 entitled, “Look for the Best in People.” (www.christophers.org)


Happy Father's Day

06-16-2024Pastor's CornerFr. Bob Deehan

Happy Father's Day! We remember in a special way in our prayers this weekend all "Dads" both living and deceased. This day reminds me of a fact that I learned a few years ago about the special influence fathers can have on their families. It has been shown that fathers - in particular - who practice their faith and accompany their families to Mass each weekend have a singular, significant impact on their own children's practice of their faith going forward.


10th Sunday in Ordinary Time

06-09-2024Pastor's CornerFr. Bob Deehan

Many more people are dying at home rather than at the hospital these days thanks to the great work of hospice care. Priests and other ministers entrusted with the spiritual care of the sick should do everything they can to ensure that Catholics in proximate danger of death receive the body of Christ, also called Viaticum on this occasion.

To help us provide these “last rites” and other sacramental ministry that these people are due, please do not wait until the last minute to contact the parish office.


The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

06-02-2024Pastor's CornerFr. Bob Deehan

I’d like to share with you an account of a true story told by Fr. Robert DeGrandis, S.S.J. in his book entitled, Healing Through the Mass.

NASA has developed a special camera that scientists have used to detect levels of energy in the human body, which they have tested on astronauts in space. In their study they noticed that the energy level in humans appears as light on the screen of the monitor of the camera.