4th Sunday of Easter

04-30-2023Pastor's CornerVery Rev. Robert J. Deehan, VF

For the next three weekends, at some of our parish Masses, we will welcome First Communion children around the table of the Lord. It’s been a tradition here at Holy Family for several years and in many other parishes to celebrate this important moment for these children, their families and the parish community in the context of the Sunday liturgy. As a Sacrament of Initiation, reception of First Eucharist marks the beginning of their full participation with us in our weekly community worship. It gives us all an opportunity to fittingly welcome these children and provide a loving witness and support as they begin partaking regularly in the Body of Christ.


3rd Sunday of Easter

04-23-2023Pastor's CornerVery Rev. Robert J. Deehan, VF

Here are two reflections on the meaning of Easter that I hope you find helpful. One that gives us hope in the difficult and regrettable episodes along our journey through life and one that gives us hope at the end of our journey.

“If Christ is risen, we can look with renewed eyes and hearts on each event in our lives, even the most negative. The moments of darkness, failure and even sin can be transformed and herald a new path forward. When we have reached the bottom of our misery and weakness, the risen Christ gives us strength to rise again. If we entrust ourselves to Him, His grace saves us. The crucified and risen Lord is the full revelation of mercy, present and at work in history.”

– Pope Francis.


2nd Sunday in Easter

04-16-2023Pastor's CornerVery Rev. Robert J. Deehan, VF

Happy Easter!

We continue to celebrate the new life of the resurrection of Jesus in this Easter season until May 28 – Pentecost Sunday. What goes on in our church sanctuary at every Mass is very special, sacred and life-changing. God becomes present to us on the altar in a miraculous way – the Risen Christ appears to us as our food for our journey in the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist. Jesus is alive! He dwells within us; He walks with us, and gives us His new life! His power over sin, evil and death is a power we can tap into. Are you buried in a tomb of doubt, despair, loneliness, hardship, confusion, brokenness, or grief? Tell Jesus where you need His mercy, His healing, His hope and new life. Ask Him to release you from your tomb and invite His grace to give you freedom and peace. Maybe a priest, deacon staff member or fellow parishioner can help you roll away the stone from the entrance of your tomb. You are not alone in our community of faith. We seek to bring the presence of the risen Christ to all in need. I invite you to pray this Easter Prayer for yourself, your loved ones, our parish community and especially for those who need Jesus’ risen power and peace in a special way.


Easter Sunday

04-09-2023Pastor's CornerVery Rev. Robert J. Deehan, VF

Happy Easter!

In the course of life, many people end up asking themselves a profound question: “Is this all there is?” Have you ever asked yourself that question? It’s usually after a heightened awareness that what we’ve been “into” doesn’t really satisfy. There’s got to be more, something deeper that will offer hope and a new perspective and, in fact, a new life. That’s what Easter is all about. If you pondered our parish Vision Statement beside this column, it gives you a glimpse of what a vibrant faith in the Risen Jesus can offer – in terms of joy, community, meaning and purpose.


Holy Week

04-02-2023Pastor's CornerVery Rev. Robert J. Deehan, VF

This week, Holy Week, is the most solemn week of our Church year. A schedule of all the offerings for this week can be found on the lower left side of this page. Particularly important among the liturgies of Holy Week are the celebrations of the Triduum - the three days leading to Easter. On Holy Thursday, we have the Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper at 7:30pm. In this liturgy, we recall not only the institution of the Holy Eucharist, but also the institution of Holy Orders, and the great commission from Jesus to love one another as He has loved us - recounting Jesus' washing the feet of His disciples. On Good Friday, with the Solemn Commemoration of the Lord's Passion at 3:00pm, we recall what Jesus endured to bring about our salvation. At this liturgy, we have the opportunity to hear the story of Jesus' journey to Calvary proclaimed from the Gospel of John, and to venerate the symbol of His Cross as well as to receive Holy Communion.