A Letter From Our Pastor

02-05-2023Pastor's CornerVery Rev. Robert J. Deehan, VF

Members of our community here in Duxbury and beyond have been devastated and heart-broken at the news of what has happened to the Clancy family who have been our fellow parishioners, neighbors and friends: Pat, the husband and father, children – Cora, Dawson and Callan, all of whom are now deceased, and their mother, Lindsay, who remains hospitalized.

Before this tragic event, they were a happy, loving couple and family. Sadly, complicated by inadequate alleviation of her symptoms, Lindsay became overwhelmed trying to deal with her postpartum mental illness, which led to devastating results.

Our Candlelight Vigil held two days later drew together many people from near and far to offer prayers and support to the Clancy family, to the first responders and medical personnel who are going through an especially difficult time coming to terms with the horror of the situation, as well as to pray for ourselves and one another. Everyone seems to have been affected in one way or another, and it’s hoped that this occasion proved to be a helpful time of healing. Seeing the continued need for a chance to be quiet, prayerful and recollected as people deal with this tragedy in their own way, on Friday, we added an additional time of prayer offering our church as a safe place to just sit, reflect, pray and be quiet with others who also needed a time “away.” A special feature of this time included the presence of the Blessed Sacrament of Eucharist displayed on the altar to allow Jesus’ healing, loving presence to make it an especially blessed time. On Wednesday, our parish was able to provide space for a stress debriefing and support day for first responders who have had to deal with horrific incidents like the one at the Clancy home.

Continued support of one another is needed, and particularly for young parents and children, who either knew the Clancy’s or have found that this has hit “close to home.” I and my staff are very grateful for the many expressions of support and offers of prayers as we continue to minister to the Clancy and Musgrove families, the first responders and the members of our community. May the Lord in His great mercy and compassion continue to bless them and all who are affected by this tragedy.

God bless you!

Fr. Bob