Pastor's Corner

Experiences of Wonder & Gratitude

08-01-2021Pastor's CornerRev. Robert J. Deehan, V.F.

I was having breakfast this morning and enjoyed a banana. Looking at the banana, I told God what a wonderful self-contained package of food you've given me... not in a cellophane wrapper, but purely natural. It's perfect! It's specially made to provide us with nutrition. Human beings didn't make it; it was harvested by farmers in South America. The banana trees depend on the sun and the rain to bear fruit. God's Divine Providence has put into motion the cycle of life that makes that possible! When you think about it, there's so much around us that gives us a glimpse of how God provides for us. This summer, take a moment to think of all the ways He shows his loving care for you.

Another experience of wonder and gratitude I've had a few times recently is when I encounter people, especially people who are very different from my background and experience. When I really pay attention to them, listen to their story, admire their inner beauty, see their fundamental goodness and notice their gifts and uniqueness that makes them so very special, I can't help but smile and marvel at the beautiful array of individuals God has created. All it takes is noticing - no judgement, no expectation, no agenda. Many of us don't often stop, look and really listen. Besides doing that only when crossing the street ©, see what might happen within your heart when you really pay attention. As you let your defenses relax and become more open to the unexpected, God will reveal some important truths to you that will make you smile, give you joy, and create a more grateful heart within you. Then, talk to God about it!