Pastor's Corner

Community Gathering for Healing & Hope

05-01-2021Pastor's CornerRev. Robert J. Deehan, V.F.

Our town of Duxbury has faced some difficult and unsettling revelations recently that have shaken our sense of equilibrium and pride in who we strive to be as a community of integrity and goodness. The discovery of anti-Semitic language used in high school football play-calls as well as allegations of sexual abuse by a teacher in the middle school, have caused feelings of pain, disgust, insult, guilt, shame, anger, and embarrassment to name a few, as well as significant animosity and blaming. On top of that, to have these revelations aired in the worldwide media has only compounded those feelings.

People from other towns have asked me, and probably, you, too – “What’s going on there in Duxbury?” We might ask ourselves, “How could such things be happening in such a nice town as Duxbury?” But the reality of evil, sin and the denial that can go along with it, is something every town, every person must face at one time or another. None of us is immune, despite the good face we may put on. That’s why Jesus Christ came to save us! That’s why as Catholics, we ask for God’s grace and mercy at the beginning of every Mass, and why there’s a Sacrament of Reconciliation/Confession. We are, basically, good people – in fact, we’re made in God’s image and likeness. But, we’re not perfect and, at times, we can make some bad choices, and sometimes, with very serious results that have reverberating effects. Mercy, forgiveness, conversion, reconciliation, healing and peace are hallmarks of our faith.

One way to help deal with these recent events and the varied effects it has had on young and old alike is to attend the Community Gathering for Healing & Hope happening this Sunday, May 2 from 4:00-5:00pm on the lawn of First Parish Church (next to Town Hall). Offered by the Duxbury Interfaith Council, it will feature messages of hope and unity by faith and civic leaders. I hope you can participate. I regret having another obligation here at the church, which prevents me from going. Deacon Don Larose will represent Holy Family. Please spread the word to those you know who may appreciate this opportunity. May it be a blessed occasion that will truly bring healing, hope and peace to the members of our community.