Blessings at Christmas!

12-26-2021Pastor's CornerRev. Robert J. Deehan, V.F.

Do you need hope? Are you overwhelmed by the worries and anxieties of your life, whether they be personal, family, work-related or even the uncertainties that exist in our nation and in our world? Christmas is about hope! Hope for the future was born when God became man in the person of Jesus Christ. God became a human being to experience our joys and sorrows, our pain and suffering, and to encounter us in the realities of our human existence.

And, in the process, He has come to impart His divine touch, to share His wisdom and power, His healing love, mercy and peace… to dwell with us… to let us know that we are important, that we are never alone and that He will remain with us! Christian hope resides in the confident assurance that God loves us, He is always with us, and no matter what happens, He will see us through by offering His grace and power. Holy Eucharist is the concrete means by which Jesus fulfills His promise to abide with us now and it is a foretaste of life with Him forever in heaven! May the Holy Eucharist we receive today reassure you of Jesus’ tremendous love for you, and be a source of hope on your life’s journey! What a gift we celebrate at Christmas! What a gift we can share with our loved ones who need hope. Share the reason for your hope and why. It could be the best gift you give this Christmas!