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Mary Keefe

What a beautiful feast Pentecost is! Fifty days ago we celebrated Jesus rising; then we walked with St Paul and the disciples through St Luke’s Acts in the weeks following; last Thursday we reflected as Jesus ascended to the Father; and now we rejoice with the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles.

Breaking Bread offers choices of readings, first for the Pentecost Vigil Mass, then more for Pentecost Sunday.  So I attempted to find what really touched me in all of this scripture.  My focus kept coming back to the description of how the crowd in Jerusalem who gathered to find out what the commotion was all about, began to understand, each in his/her own language, what the message “of the mighty acts of God” was.  Astounded and amazed, they heard and understood.  What a great gift.  Imagine what the world could be if we all understood each other.  Imagine the communication, the acceptance, the patience, the love.

So I began to think of all those in my life whom I haven’t understood and have judged because of my own limitations of heart.  Can I or we change the whole world?  In these troubling times, there is much to dishearten us.  But if not the whole world – then what?  We have been told by those who offer insight on the human intellect and spirit that we cannot change another, only ourselves.  We who interact with so many in one day – spouse, children, extended family, neighbors, work associates, ministry/volunteer groups – how more whole and holy would our own worlds be if we allowed the Holy Spirit to help us be kinder, gentler.

I must admit that the assignment of writing a blog every few weeks for me is something akin to facing spring cleaning.  Nothing that I enjoy but when it’s done, there is gratefulness.  I know the Lord leads – all the time.  I don’t always notice.  But this week, with this chance to pray with the Holy Spirit, I know the Lord is asking me to look into the hearts of all I meet with greater understanding, with greater patience, with greater love.

“Come O Holy Spirit, come!  And from your celestial home shed a ray of light divine!”   


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