Pastor's Corner


08-07-2022Pastor's CornerVery Rev. Robert J. Deehan, VF

Recently, while on vacation at Lake George, NY, I had the opportunity to do something I’ve come to enjoy while walking on a popular pathway along the shore in Lake George Village.

I’d often see couples or families posing for a photo by the lake while one member takes the picture of the other(s). One person always ends up being left out of the photo! So, as I’d pass by, I’d offer to take everyone’s picture. It usually elicits a smile and a grateful “yes” to my invitation. It has helped me recall the times when I’ve experienced a person going out of their way to make a difference in my life, often only for a moment. That unexpected kindness can stop me in my tracks. No matter how brief and seemingly insignificant, it touches my soul and brings me closer to the truth of who we really are: brothers and sisters in the family of God. It demonstrates goodness and love; it points to the best in the human person. For us Christians, it’s an opportunity to image the person of Christ. When done with intentionality, such a simple gesture of care and kindness can allow the recipient to experience the loving touch of Jesus.

How has kindness touched your heart recently? How has the kindness you’ve extended touched another’s heart? We can’t underestimate what a difference such consideration and care can make. Think about your own experiences of kindness – both received and given. Let those recollections touch something deeper within you and see what may result. The Holy Spirit finds these moments fertile ground in which to inspire and bless us!

God Bless You!

Fr. Bob