A Faith-focused Approach to the New Year

01-02-2022Pastor's CornerRev. Robert J. Deehan, V.F.

The start of a new year often prompts us to look back at what was, as well as to look ahead at what possibilities there might be. Besides the resolutions to shed the pounds added over time or to recommit to personal goals left unmet, a faith-focused approach to the new year could make quite a difference in how our days ahead unfold.

Starting one’s day, each day, with personal prayer is a wonderful way to consecrate ourselves to God anew and offer to Him all that we are about, our relationships, our decisions and choices, the stuff of our lives upon which we seek God’s grace, guidance and blessing. Praying in your own words instead of “saying” rote prayers is key in this process. Being reminded that we are not alone in the course of our day helps us to approach whatever we face with renewed confidence and trust in the One who has come to save us and abide with us. We don’t have to act as though everything depended upon ourselves. In faith we believe we are part of a larger plan of God and it is in His divine providence that we are guided and blessed. Letting go of the control and seeking to be led by the Holy Spirit can bring a comfort and peace, which can reshape our attitude and rekindle our hope. To do this requires spending time in silence inviting God to inspire and touch your mind and heart.

What might you do to allow your faith to have a greater effect on your life this new year? What practical steps will you take to nurture your relationship with God and your relationship with this community of faith we call Holy Family? See what difference making faith a greater part of the fabric of your life will make for yourself and for those with whom you live, work and socialize. Don’t be surprised if they ask you why you seem different this year!

May you have a blessed and happy new year!