Divine Mercy Sunday

04-11-2021Pastor's CornerRev. Robert J. Deehan, V.F.

I share with you a prayer that appeared in the Christopher News Note (#411) entitled, "Living the Good Life - Why Values Matter."

Prayer for Growth in Love

Father, You have loved us from eternity without conditions.
Whether we are beautiful or plain,
rich or poor, saintly or sinful makes no difference.
Why can't we be that way toward each other?
Why do we magnify each other's shortcomings
and ignore the good features?
Help us to grow in love -
a love that doesn't gloss over failings,
but one that accepts them and then goes on to stress what is good in all we meet,
what can be built on to help the other person become fully himself or herself.
Then, Lord, as we increase our ability to love as Jesus did,
we will come closer to the kingdom He preached.

This Divine Mercy Sunday celebrates the endless mercy God shows to us in the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus. In this Paschal Mystery, He forgives our sins and blesses us with new life and peace. Freed from that which clouds our true beauty
and goodness, we become empowered to be more like Jesus and instruments of His mercy, love and peace in our world. If you don’t feel up to the challenge, just keep repeating, “Jesus, I trust in You.”