Faith Feeds Articles

01-05-2020Pastor's CornerRev. Robert J. Deehan, V.F.

There are three brief and very thought provoking articles that will be discussed at our Faith Feeds adult faith formation evening taking place in our parish center this Wednesday, January 8 at 7:00 pm, which includes dinner (chili, cornbread and salad) and great conversation about these articles. They are taken from the Summer 2019 issue of Boston College's C21 Resources magazine focusing on the topic, Revitalizing Our Church. To obtain the articles, download them here or you can pick up a packet at one of the entrances to the church.

The first article entitled, Home: Where Jesus Lives by Katie Prejean McGrady, offers a reflection on the importance of what her parents did to pass along to her valued faith practices and traditions, which she in turn hopes to pass along to her children. She argues that thinking of the Church as one's home can help believers recognize Jesus there, even in the midst of human imperfection.

The second article entitled, Revitalizing Our Parishes by Dan Cellucci, provides data from parishes and dioceses across the country outlining four major issues Catholic parishes face today: declining numbers of practicing parishioners; handing on the faith to the next generation; conflictaverse clergy; and attachment to "the way things are." He argues that if parishes are not only to survive but thrive moving forward, they have to get back to basics: providing opportunities to encounter Jesus Christ and then share that joy with others.

The last article is entitled, The Laity's Role in the Church's Mission by Father Michael Sweeney, OP. In his essay, Father Sweeney uses Church teaching and Scripture to make the case that the ordained ministers of the Church and the laity are co-responsible for the mission of the Church. He argues that the laity can often be complicit in clericalism, in that they do not fully appreciate their baptismal call and responsibility. In the end, all members of the Church are called to be"salt, light and leaven" in the world.

Join in this timely discussion about our Church and enjoy sharing a meal with other parishioners interested in talking about our faith. Even if you can't participate in the evening, feel free to read the articles and enjoy some thought-provoking material to help you grow in your faith. For more information, contact our Director of Faith Formation, Jeanne Cregan at or call 781-934-5055, ext. 114.

God bless you! Fr. Bob