Pastor's Corner

Prayerfully Assess your Financial Committment

09-08-2019Pastor's CornerRev. Robert J. Deehan, V.F.

Our parish, like all families, sometimes struggle to make ends meet. This happens to be the case for our parish family. With a significant decrease in church attendance over the last several months, we've also experienced a decrease in the offertory collection income we depend on each week to meet our regular expenses. Certainly, many factors contribute to the drop in church attendance, not the least of which is a decline in the level of importance people attribute to the practice of their faith. Churches across all denominations are experiencing this same phenomenon. It can be a source of sadness for us all as we see fewer of our family members, friends and neighbors worshiping with us here at Holy Family. We miss them!

As you may know, our parish has recently entered phase 7 of the Disciples in Mission Archdiocesan pastoral plan for evangelization, which will call us to expand our efforts to reach out to those in our parish family whom we miss, as well as to those who have no faith at all. Our Catholic faith is a great treasure we must share! Yet, the financial challenge we face forces us to look at what resources do exist within our parish family that will help us fund the operational costs that support the important sacramental, pastoral and educational ministries and initiatives that carry on Jesus' mission here at Holy Family. We have several generous parishioners who donate sacrificially to Holy Family on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. For their great commitment and dedication, I am truly thankful. Still others in our community may not have given much thought recently to the amount of their financial commitment to the parish, or do not feel an obligation to contribute regularly and generously to their parish. It is important to know that Holy Family does not get any funding from the Archdiocese of Boston, or from the state or from some other outside entity. We depend completely on the generosity of those who avail themselves of the sacraments, personnel, ministries and services we provide, which, as you know, are not without cost. And so, I ask you to prayerfully and thoughtfully reassess your regular financial commitment to Holy Family Parish and consider giving in a more sacrificial way. In this particular manner, you will participate in the Sacrifice of the Mass with a fitting representation of the fruits of your labors and not with merely a token offering. Such spiritual mindfulness on the part of each parishioner will go a long way to improve the financial outlook of our parish. Thank you for your consideration.

God bless you!
Fr. Bob